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Who we are

mywritingtools.com is a platform designed to help everyone in the field of writing. Our reachstart from journalists, to novelists, writers all the way to transcribers. Are you any of those? then you are one of us.

We endevour to provide quality service to our members and customers in all the services that we offer. We guarantee you that if you are a writer, then you will get anything you need within this one roof.

We also maintain a ratings section that is critical in ensuring that our clients have a opportunity to only go with the best in the industry. It also helps keep service providers in check else they lose their credibility.

Where we come from

As a platform, we are not new. This blog is born of a Facebook Group called Academia research Writer (original). With membership of over 129 Thousand, it became apparent that we were becoming overcrowded in such a limited space.

With this platform, it is easier to keep hold of discussions and important posts from the group. The most important posts are added here where discussions can continue and also acts as a viable archive compared to the Facebook group. However, it is important to note that the Facebook group plays a critical role to our members and thus it’s still in operation.

Registration and Legitimacy

As our industry grows and expands, there was need to have a platform that can bring all the parties together. Therefore, all the writing groups on Facebook were invited to join together and help one another grow. Now, new and upcoming writers can get access to any one of mention in the field of writing.

Mywritingtools.com is an affiliate of ALFAWEB Marketing Agency, a registered limited company in compliance with international laws and standards. We endevour to keeping the industry on check and helping anyone who needs our assistance. If you don’t offer the best, then you cannot be part of us.

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