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The easiest and cheapest way to grow in any industry is by aligning yourself with personnel who understand the industry. Academic writing is no different.

We have grown a huge following on social media and it is time you became part of it. However, it has also come at a cost. So many other Facebook groups have cloned our group identity so as to get the traffic that we get.

Be careful therefore to ensure you have joined the right group.

Our Facebook Group


As at 27th may 2021, we have 128,600 Members. We also have 2 Admins and 4 Moderators who have helped keep the sanity of the group. Hundreds more are awaiting approval.

Read the Group Rules before posting anything lest you are blocked. There is no readmission.

Our Facebook Page

Academia Research Writers - Original

We also have a page where the most educative, and or most interesting posts are added.

The FB group gets over 500 posts a day and thus important posts can easily be masked.

As such we offer a platform where one can this invaluable information on the click of a button.

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