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Is Academic Writing just a side Hustle or a Real Business?

Syombua is a member of our social Platform. She throws a question that many novice writers ask when they join the industry

Here is her question

Asking for honest advice. Is it possible to do academic writing as a business? Like buy a good account for an experienced writer who for some reason cannot afford to purchase one. Allow the writer to faithfully run the account then we share the proceeds.

Before Giving your input, here is some feedback from fellow members


Very possible if and only if you can also do the tasks just in case. Otherwise


Possible if you also know how to write and know the working dynamics of an account.Writing is a serious profession,very demanding sijui tu mbona watu hufikiria it’s a play in the mud…..


Short answer: Not possible, no man is limited not gonna work here.


This will end in a heart break with financial consekwenses…


Unless the writer is your brother and those losses can be recovered from dad or mum


Yes it works
I was managing a course hero account
We would split the earning ½/½ at the end of the month ….discipline and trust


Academic writing is like the matatu and I think any other business.. understand it first before you get a manager.. else it will not end well for you.


The most intriguing thing in this industry is the selfish nature and advice that most people will give especially when someone wants to know how to go about it in the industry.
If it didnt work for you, it doesnt mean it won’t work for someone else bros!
Surprisingly, some of those discouraging him are doing the same thing!
The thing here is, you idea can work 1oo% bros. You only need to have a trustworthy writer who has been in the game for long. It has worked for many, what will stop it working for you?
Ignore all these shenanigans here cos if it was true, most people wont be in the industry.
How many employers here have ever met their writers physically??
Go for it man. Just get a good writer… It’s a business, and a really good one…. Losses are part of any business too!

Now it’s your turn, your feedback is highly appreciated

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