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As writers grow, the main aspiration is to start a website of their own. You can call that the golden egg of the industry. For those who have gone ahead and tried it, they will tell you that it is no walk in the park. Actually, the failure rate is about 50%.

However, ganging up as a group can be seen as a great escape. However, knowing Kenyans with our peculiar character, Can we ace the idea?

Alfawriter talks this topic with a number of pointers

Key Factors to Consider When Starting a Website Owned by a Group

You only need 3-5 people for that to work. Each can contribute 100K and you will have enough to get started, at least for the first 6 months (approximate incubation period for most sites).

The money will help in SEO pekee but kutakuwa na shida in every other sector. For instance;

  1. You need people to be updating the content every now and then (that calls for persistence and patience). Praying they don’t take the content and paste it in their sites.
  2. How do you pay the editors? – how dedicated will they be to ensure that the papers are perfect, what will be their motivation?
  3. Who will have the Admin rights? – access to the cpanel and client information. Anyone can start a similar site with these rights.
  4. Who can chat with clients and be honest enough not to take their email addresses?
  5. Who opens new accounts and how are they assigned to particular writers?
  6. Most important to kenyans, who will be the custodian of the paypal account. And guys, we are talking about serious cash. An average kenyan site earns 700K a month, Peak season can see you get over a million. Such cash can make anybody betray you and run to the hills.

Fact of the Matter

 It’s a pity that the main reason why most kenyan sites are surviving is because they are run by individuals not groups. That said, if you can get solutions to these issues mentioned above, the sky would be the limit for Kenyan writers.

Running a website as a sole proprietor is no childplay. We fail because we think we can do it alone. One falls behind in so many important things while others are even forgotten or ignored.

If only we opened our eyes and put greed and mistrust behind us, we would give the likes of uvocorp a run for their money.
However, do we ever learn?
Food for thought.
Ni hayo tuu kwa sasa

Here are some feedback from the Facebook Team


Alfa is right, this idea has been here before,but it think time has come to implement it. I always know 3 things that make the world to keep moving; 1.Ideas 2.Making them work, and 3.Making others like them.Count me in in the implementation of this noble idea.


Trust and loyalty are the only virtues that we lack as kenyans…..if a client in the other side of the pacific trusts you to complete an essay ….yet we are here very close to each other but all we do is swindle each other and fight each other……that is why such a noble idea will be very difficult but not impossible to execute…..


Well put….Many of the hindrances to many Kenyan dreams are rooted in greed.From politicians to small chamas in the village,greed is a big problem.
AlfaWriter  you are right partnership will never work. What can work is collaboration and not partnership. Some of the resources required to launch a game-changing SEO campaign can be shared between 5-10 people, each with their own site. People can collaborate in Marketing and handle their own site operations independently ( only need to avoid keyword cannibalism). An SEO budget of between $20000-30000 in a span of 1 year can do wonders and pose a great threat to the Ukrainians and the Indians.


AlfaWriter for deputy MCA. You will make writing great again!

Leave your comments below. We would also want to hear from you on whether Kenyans can start and run an academic writing website

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