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We are a huge platform and thus members would like to get hold of us for a member or reasons.

For any sections, we have provided the best way to get assistance. Therefore, we always advice that you use the indicated platform so as to get assistance as quickly as possible.

That said, in general, we have a variety of avenues of how you can get in touch with us.

A live Chat Session

tawk to live chat

On the botton right hand side of the website, we have a live chat session (See wave sign saying – We are here) where you can get an agent to serve you. Any time you are facing navigational problems, someone will be on hand to guide you to the right path.

WhatsApp Chat

On the bottom left of the screen, there is a WhasApp pathway that you can use to reach us. Especially for those on mobile, this also presents a good way to get hold of us whenever a need arises.

Whatsapp Chat

Speak to us - Call us Today

Would you want to speak to a customer support representative? no problem, we are here at your service. You can call us on either of our two phone numbers listed Below

+1 817 730 4705

+254 723 636 837

E-mail/Write to us

For any query or need to write a message that requires a detailed feedback, we have a mail dedicated to such need for feedback.

You can write to us on either of the following email addresses.

Feedback service

We value your feedback. Therefore, on every service, you will see a ratings option. Here, we allow all buyers to give their feedback no how they found the product or the conduct of the one selling it. We highly encourage you to give a genuine feedback. Always remember, you are the eyes and eyes of a potential customer.

your feedback is appreciated
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Do not hesitate to start a chat with us in case you need any assistance.
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