Investors in Academic Writing

Can Academic Writing be a Career

Is Academic Writing just a side Hustle or a Real Business? Syombua is a member of our social Platform. She ...
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Academic Writing Service

Can Kenyans Open and Run an Academic Writing Company as a group?

As writers grow, the main aspiration is to start a website of their own. You can call that the golden ...
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What works best for you

Always test and optimize what works for you.

Here is a very informative write up by Walter Akolo, a guru in the writing field known for his prowess ...
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How to become a good account manager

The Account Manager – The Writer is as Good as the Account Manager

Are you an account manager? Here is an informative piece by AlfawriterA good shepherd knows all his flock. In the ...
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Agony of low season. Lesson Learnt

Low season will always Catch up, Take Heed

Post by Alfawriter We are all aware of the season swings int he writing industry. When we understand the need ...
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The wise old lady and the Butcher

When the hunter becomes the hunted

When the Hunter becomes the hunted and the prey escapes the kill. It was time for this butcher to know ...
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Essayshark Writing Company

The Essayshark Quagmire – Growth Brings Change

This post was done by Alfawriter back in 2017. Change is the only constant The Current Situation There is a ...
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Graduated Newbie recruitment

Should a Writer Invest in Shares or an Education Cover

Shared by Alfawriter - Shares v education cover I consider this a noble group with elite minds, so am bringing ...
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Investments in Kenya

Surviving as an Academic Writer in Kenya

Piece by Gatimu (fb group member) I do not know whether this is a response to AlfaWriter Kimani or a ...
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Graduated Students at Work

How a Writer Invests for the future

Narration by Alfawriter Firstly, let me say that this is according to me, thus I will accept it if you ...
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