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Narration by Alfawriter

Firstly, let me say that this is according to me, thus I will accept it if you do not agree with me.

For Newbies

If you are just starting out, the account you go for really determines whether you will consider this industry a career path or just a side hustle. It is therefore paramount that you set the right foundation. I wouldn’t recommend you to buy these 5K accounts, no, that is like digging your own grave. I always have one principle, the cheaper an account is, the harder it is to survive on. You would rather work under a GOOD employer who can shower you with enough work and help you grow as well. If you are a newbie and have an employer who never offers either -ve or +ve criticism, I suggest you move on.
Working part time is a good start, but most employers will ditch you if you are only available on a part time basis.

Graduated Newbie

Graduated Newbie

Well, you have been working under someone for 6 -12 months, then what? Here you should be in the state where this industry is feeding and clothing you; its no longer a side hustle. How do you know that you have grown? For starters, you do not have to call your employer. If you still do, then bado your writing skills are still inept. To me, this is the basic self evaluation. It is at this stage that you start thinking big. Get yourself a good account, BUT DO NOT LEAVE YOUR EMPLOYER JUST YET. It is also a high time to get a good mentor; not necessarily your employer.

With the industry filled with brokers, account prices have exploded. You can do with a partnership and the two of you can buy a good account going between 100-150K. I have also seen guys opting to get a number of employers to work with. If your time management skills are top notch, you can see yourself earning over 80K a month with this strategy.

The case of Veterans

Who is a veteran by the way? Some think that they are veterans based on how much they earn, or how good they are in writing. Both are correct; you can also fake it till you make it. It’s at this stage where you are not struggling to get orders in your various accounts. In fact, the orders you get overwhelm you to an extent you result of outsourcing. Over the years, I have met people who refused to grow from that state of working on their own. This decision will always determine whether you make it from being a veteran, to that other guru in the industry. Again, at this stage, you have probably started a family and if you engross yourself in your one account, you will either lose her, or become an absentee husband/wife. I propose that you also diversify and get more accounts and account managers. NEVER call yourself a veteran if you are still working on your one account that you started with.
It is also at this stage that you start thinking outside the box ‘GOING OFFLINE’. This is the tricky venture. Kenya is not like the west where you can easily start a hustle and leave it under a manager, utasota brathee. Over the years, I have tried a number of side hustles and ended up liquidating them as you have to micro manage most of them. If you have a spouse who is yet to be employed, then that is a goldmine for you. She can be your right hand man in most of those side hustles. Do not bring her into the same industry you are as that wouldn’t be necessarily diversifying.
If you are among those who worked with EW at around 2008, you will know that this industry is defined by change. Long gone are the days you would get an order at a CPP of $30. In fact, am yet to see a writer who still holds that account. The thought of those yester years make most of them avoid taking the orders which go for as low as $2. Thus, one needs to plan for the future. Do you have your DCs who send work via GMAIL? That’s a goldmine under the right hands. Think of having your own establishment; start your own company. If you work with a client via gmail, the most you can do is 3 years and he is gone for good. Instead, introduce him to your company, ask him to place an order there. Encourage him/her to enroll his friends for a commission and you will be surprised how fast your company will grow.

Keeping the Taxman in check

So you have grown, in fact, you have overgrown the industry, you wake up every day to look at how much you have earned overnight. Finally, as Kiyosaki always said, money is working for you. What next? This is when you decide what to do with your wealth. Keeping it in a bank is the last thing on your mind as team mafisi will be on your neck in no time. There are a bunch of things you can do. Going into real estates is not a bad way to hide your wealth. Buy land and houses in various parts of the country. You have enough time to survey and choose the best sites. Think about your family, living in your own house is not the end of it, invest in schemes that will help them in future.
I never advocate for education policy for obvious reasons, but there are investment schemes that can work out for you. I have been in a number of such with dividends ranging from 15% – 20%, go into such and you won’t regret. Visit banks and seek to have an audience with the manage. Tell him that you need to invest your cash in their bank, then you will be surprised at what lies ahead. The other day I visited DTB and could not believe that they have such handsome offers. I have also seen the same with KCB. However, your bank statement will decide whether they will share the secret with you. Can writers grow rich by starting their own investment scheme, of course YES, will it ever happen in Kenya, NEVER (I leave it at that). You can also set up hardwares, boutiques, phone accessory business or even baby care centers, na kama unajiamini, fungua sportpesa yako. Whatever you decide , never stop investing; the richest investors have made the most mistakes.

My Punchline

What works best for you

These are just my thoughts, you are free to disapprove them, you will probably help me in one way or the other.

In fact, I value negative criticism much more as they are my stepping stones to greatness. I am also eager to hear your side of the story, let’s hold one another by the hand and grow together, after all, why are you my friend?


Here are some selected responses from members


Thanks AlfaWriter Kimani will be looking for you for a cup of coffee. You are the ingredient I need for more growth in this industry. A nice piece indeed!


encouraging, Alfa, where do you see the writing industry in the next five years?
Now that AlfaWriter Kimani has set the platform I wish to offer my insights regarding freelance writing. For those of us who would love to be veterans in this industry, remember that nobody goes to battle without a strategy.
Concerning freelance writing have a battle plan.
A suitable strategy would be:
Building your foundation as a freelance writer (refer the post above)
Building your credibility as a Freelance Writer (Under an employer/your own account {s})
Deciding on your rates Prospecting for DCs
Tracking your Results


Very nice esp the diversification part. I think we need to discuss more about the type of ventures that writers should invest in. Most of the millionaires around are people who get their incomes from two or three different types of investments.


This is a great piece and priceless ideas. There is much we can learn from each other. It is through such discussions that people make lifetime decisions, that eventually shape their future. However, this group need its glory forcefully brought back. Except this post, it can take you a whole month without seeing a sensible post. People are so heartless, senseless and respond without a second thought. A person, will ask “which is the best account for a newbie” then you see a “mega earner” commencing “facebook, gmail, youtube, yahoo” Luckily, as seen in this post, people are looking for sensible information. So, i would recommend, the admn you be firm, bring back order. Try to initiate discussions, with time these immature megaearners and cons will have no one to entertain. That’s my 2 cent cc AlfaWriter Kimani


Words of Wisdom Alfa, I enjoyed reading your pieces of advise, great advice for those who want to join this noble industry…


we understand the essence of working under employers, and i agree there is quite a number of genuine ones. the challenge is getting a good employer coz as we all know kuna wezi wengi sana huku.someone kindly advice

Now it’s your turn, give us a piece of your mind on this story

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