Agony of low season. Lesson Learnt

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We are all aware of the season swings int he writing industry. When we understand the need to be humble even when we have plenty of orders, we will go a long way into having a satisfactory year, regardless the season.

In the writing industry, there are some months that some writers loath. the month of June to August, and January. Of course this is dependent on the platform you us to get your orders.

Here are some pointers from a post by the Admin

High season is gone, low season has just kicked in. The 'experienced writer' who eloped is back
Here are the questions am not able to answer
1. Brathee, Kwani order ziliisha? Saa hiyo jamaa alihepa at the start of high season ati CPP ya 300 ni kidogo sana
2. Buda, why are you not assigning me the orders yet am placing bids? Msee alisema yeye hafanyangi 2 and 3 page orders, Yeye ni mtu wa ma 10 page
3. Aki ukipata an urgent order unistue, hata kama ni night. Msee claimed yeye hananga internet usiku so never to assign them night orders.
4. Jamaa alihepa for greener pastures za CPP ya 400 and now story ni, Aki bro nisaidie, imagine jamaa ameniosha chapaa yangu? utanisaidiaje?

Landing back to earth: Learning curve

Low season just means we have few orders which are meant for ONLY those who showed they cared over the high season and went the extra mile with us.
Hapa ni penye unawaza and say, Mtu anyenyekee Mungu amutumie. Otherwise, you will always find yourself jobless during the low season
PS – WE ARE NOT HIRING AT THE MOMENT, inbox requests related to such will be ignored.
Ni hayo tuu kwa sasa
Some selected replies from the community

Von Ndugo

The same scenario happens in the world of article writing. Mtu anakushow nowadays I only do transcription jobs coz they are better paying, then a few weeks later, I get a text message at night reading, ”Hi, I’m ready to tackle the articles, Zitume saa hii!”
eeh, mie naconsider writers wenye waliwork na mimi on biweekly payment terms at cpp 250. otherwise wale walikuwa wakisema” I only do PODS nowadays” wacha wajisort low season


hahaha umesahau moja march 2016″mimi nilibuy ka acc kengine hapo kameniweka busy saa hii siwezi fanyia mtu job ni wana. May 2016 haki kumekauka leta order kwa wingi niko free


It also happened to me. jamaa aliniambia hafanyangi job na less than 400 cpp. ata ako na 2years experience na nikashanga mbona hana account. saa hii ni endless call n text. lol!
Hapa ni kuelewana….. kuna watu reliable such that anytime akirudi inabidi umpe kazi ndio mjengane….hiyo stori ingine achia mafisi


if you never thought unaweza kula food ya jana, its time to recycle dry bones…hehehehehe…… kama hufanyagi orders za 2 pages ati ni za waana sasa ndio payback time
Time to also add your feedback. Have you come across such experienced writers? share your experince

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