How Much do you trust your Writers?

Denno Asks

How much do you trust your writer… Must you go through the work of your writer lets say after working for you for more than 5 months without compromising quality of their work.?

Do you have some words of advice on this question?

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Mwene Mutapa

An experienced writer is as trustworthy as a woman without a tattoo. Hivo tu vile unanyorosha pila contom, hivo ndivyo vile unaploat tirect kwa atmin. Kesi paataye!


Zack Kamau

I check all orders. Even if I’ve worked with you for years. Sometimes even experienced writers make mistakes. I also make mistakes that are detected by support in their routine checks
2 thoughts on “Order Management: How Much Do You Trust your Writers?”
  1. Never trust any writer. One of my most trusted has been sending me very funny papers lately. I also uploaded one of the papers without checking only to realize later that it had some copypasted paragraphs. Luckily, it was the client who messaged me and I was not caught.

  2. some you trust some you have to go through their work. My account has been messed twice because of trust. A writer I trusted once went on a site and copy-pasted 80% of their content.

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