From Abirah Okoth Et Al

Black magic is real!

Today is 13th August. I used to doubt the association of the number 13 with hard luck until a life changer bumped on me, this very day last month. Ilifanyika pale National Archives. I had just received a lump some after writing for one good employer Dan Imbali. This son of Nyalgunga decided to reward himself a treat- a lifetime dream ya kupanda SGR kwenda down coast for the weekend, having booked mpaka return ticket.

His attention was soon grabbed by an excited crowd and a team of three hyperflexible guys in dreadlocks, and of course, an attractive female homosapien. From the shouts, he effortlessly gathered the damsel's name was Shiko. This dame could twist and turn effortlessly, n son of Nyalgunga was amazed by her flexibility and gymnastic displays. She could balance on a one wheeler, cut a nail using her teeth, pass her leg over her shoulders, n dance like a witch. In short, she was spotless, boneless and angelically pretty,. n son of Nyalgunga had never seen such things in the lake city from where he hailed.

By the time the display had ended, his bag,which housed a laptop had found a way to unhook itself off his shoulders, smhow without his notice. Don't wait to ask if he made the trip downtown 👌.

Being idle still sucks, na ndio hii high season inagonga mlango. Any good employer willing to stand with me POA during the day, 4page kila siku hadi nibuy kasecond hand, hutaregret. Inbox, if you want a taste of my writing.