You Own a Website? Here is How to Make it Work

Here is a brilliant piece by Reny Roz on how to get started in attracting clients to your website

Getting an Academic Website is always a long term investment, at least from a few people I know who own websites would tell you.
Imagine having an account, you do something silly like change a letter on your name or mistake a client for for support or you decide to change a boring profile picture and that’s how it’s taken down. You now have to start again from scratch. Employers always look for clients in different ways through accounts or WhatsApp groups or education forums that he/she doesn’t even belong to, no clue what programs they are pursuing and it’s funny how they actually manage to get the client which they won’t share, their secrets unless it’s some Indian from Bangladesh who doesn’t pay and sounds rude everytime even when his happy with the job.

Do you Really Need to Own a Website?

The advantages of having a website are many, just to mention a few.
So you have this one email for referrals you give out an email, which in many cases is a gmail account. A client was conned using a gmail account you give out the same .gmail account and it gets to a point where your email can’t be trusted and that is how you loose a client. That brings me to my second point.

Professional email

Let’s say your website is writers.blah so you decide to choose a prefix, info@writers.blah or support@writers.blah give this to a client it looks professional. At least you are bold enough to say that’s my email because it’s presentable, you remove the other prefixes it leads to your website. You have both clients (inbox and the one who visits your website)

With a website you might not get the Client at that particular moment, but remember you gave out your website link, they came through viewed it and it was visual which is much easier to remember compared to plain text (email). So chances for a client coming back are higher compared to handing out your email when the Client doesn’t intend to use it at that particular moment. ( Future clients or customers).

Paid Adverts - Next Level

With a website you can decide to pay for a Google or Facebook ad , ads increase your website visibility on the internet, and this makes it easy for Google to index your site and you get the benefits of SEO. Remember, no one will look for your email on Google or Facebook because that is too much work and click on it,but with a website, it’s far much easier to reach you through your link the more clicks you get the better your website performance.

The next point, you get to set your own prices. Let’s say you had this Indian client you did a commendable good job for, he refers you to another Indian client, you do his/her job with the same amount because you don’t have a choice and you don’t want to loose the Client and the cycle continues until it becomes overwhelming. With a website when your job is perfect you get referrals and then get to set your own prices, you don’t have to tell them to inbox for a negotiation because it’s out there for everyone to see thus you become reliable. (Remember your website can also become a price reference site for individuals who want to set prices for their own websites).

On your website you can decide to add blogs or paper samples where “scholars” or clients can visit anytime they need clarifications or just want revision materials. The more visitors you get, the better you have a chance of someone you don’t know actually trying out your services.

Customize your Website to attract Clients

With a website you can also set discounts to attract more customers. Discounts are sometimes a relief to clients, especially the doubting ones.
With a website your orders and clients are more organized or if you have writers the same applies. At least you won’t have to remember who paid for what and at what time which order is supposed to be submitted.
Websites can also increase your confidence as an entrepreneur, you can decide to set your own prices as long as your job is professional, meaning you won’t have to prove to everyone that you are good for the job, that is why some accounts cost more are better and pay more than others.
You can also decide to have your own team of writers and assign orders whenever you want or when the need may be, when you have a writers section.
take back the ownership of your website

Other Points to note

Most people ask why my website doesn’t get traffic or he/she didn’t get any client for this period of time. A website at the end of the day is just a website depends on how you market it. Marketing is never easy, but once you get your 1st client the rest will follow.
Make sure your website is attractive enough and everything functions as it should, otherwise you’ll lose clients, more so appearance, make sure your website looks professional at least even if a potential client passes by he/she will have a few minutes to marvel at your website before leaving (create an impression). The Client might be back, but now to try out your service.
The other thing is lengthy domain names. People are too lazy to remember long names, and when it’s not a chorus, it will be hard for a client to remember.

Who do you choose as your hosting?

Your hosting should be reliable, a client leaves a website if the website takes 3 to 5 seconds before anything shows up on the screen (Loading). Makes sure your website’s loading speed is less than three seconds on average. Which includes making sure you don’t add unnecessary stuff on your website that will drag the website and increased the loading speed.
Make sure you don’t have spelling or grammatical mistakes on your website, otherwise you’ll lose the Client before he even clicks on the next page.

The importance of a a Blog in your Website

When marketing your website, remember to include blogs (educational) and sample papers. Don’t get into a WhatsApp groups or forums and start giving out prices and what types of services you offer, other academic websites also offer the same services you are offering it might even turn out that your prices are way too low, it’s just the way of approach that is bad.
Look for books post on your website or blogs or even paper samples that might get you Clients you don’t have to charge in the meantime, this is just to get you the traffic you need to climb up the ladder on the search engines.
Lastly, at first all these things won’t seem to work, but with consistency you’ll be well ahead of your game.

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