We Prepare Custom-made Articles

Having a website is one thing, being able to publish SEO ready articles is another. You have seen websites that are great in design but lacking in content. Well, help is on it’s way.


In our platform, we guarantee you high quality articles, prepared to your liking. All you have to do is ensure you include all the requirements of the article, the Keywords and the number of words needed. Leave the rest to us.

seo friendly Content

Does the number of words matter?

I will not bother you with going on and on about Google algorithm and the requirements in making your content rich in SEO. You can do that by CLICKING HERE. However, i will put this as plainly as this….

Google loves any content that people find informative. How their Bots know this is based on many thing, one of them being how long people spend on your article. This then answers the question on the number of words. No one will spend 5 minutes in your 300 words articles, again no one will spend 3 minutes in your 2,000 words boring and poorly structured article.

Are you struggling to write your articles?

You can email us all the requirements of your articles and we will reply back with a quote of the cost and how fast you can get the article

Please include the following details

  1. The number of words
  2. A list of all the keywords
  3. Keyword Density – How many times you want us to mention the keyword on the article
  4. A list of your Secondary Keywords
  5. A list of links (url) of previous posts to link to – Helps rank more than one article on google
  6. A list of secondary sites you would want us to anchor. – Google loves it when you recommend other resourceful websites.
  7. Include any other information you would like to be included on the article.
Once this information is ready, kindly email it to us on [email protected] or message us on this platform