Essayshark Draining its Users

In October 2019, there was a huge debate concerning essayshark.com and their new evaluation process. Akademia Georges, one of our member in the FB group came up with some suggestions on how to arrest the matter


Essyashark Growing some Horns

It's the high time we as Essayshark account owners united against this evaluation and rejecting bids shenanigans. The first step is all writers to place their bids with a minimum of 6 USD. Let's post our grievances via their blogs, and twitter handles using ghost accounts (Cyber-cafe). We should also demand evaluation breakdown and criteria used to determine writers` skills.

I don't see any sense why a University writer should be fined and threatened to be fired for not attaining Masters level, We ought to emulate what EW writers did to raise their demands. Suggestions zikam through, my suggestion we drop our demands kwa Handles zao (screenshot za pesa wanalipa). Tupatane twitter kesho 2 PM


Here are some feedback from members


The rate with which they are rejecting writers bid is alarming
If my memory serves me right, hii strategy unapropose has been tried and it failed terribly
hehe EW we tried this vibanda zote za kenya zikafungwa....a lot of people lost good accounts ....I hope it wont happen to you guys
my ew accounts were never closed and I still use them....but am telling you such blanket actions affect a lot of people negatively....ukiona haikusaidii uza ama udeactivate....the ew approach was suggested by a certain member here who had lost her group account, so in the end she had nothing to lose
Mkisumbua accounts za kenyan profile zitafungwa kama vile EW ilifanya. Am not saying msiprotest, just be ready for the outcome. Start looking for a better account to use after the strategy fails. If it succeeds, well amd good.. Personally I would propose every writer to email their grievances to the team wakae wakijua you are dissatisfied, before this next step.
You will fail miserably. You need essayshark more than they need you. EW writers tried it, the aftermaths left trails of nasties
This industry presents a free market. If you are willing to write at the provided offer do write, if not so kaa na mama yako. The demand and supply will dictate the price. EW si vyenye walitengeneza, accounts zilifunwa kama vibanda. Only few Kenyan accounts exists now.
Writers have zero power over websites. 99% chances are that you will even be forced to tolerate worse working conditions. Think of an employee who went to complain at the employers office, only to be smeared with feaces on the face before being dragged back to work because they can't do no shit.
Essay shark si ni ile inauzwa over 250k
You mean cpp iko below 6... ???
Although uvo hukuwa strict..it then tries to pay well...although their clients really pay
Kenyans once did that to kill EW. Eventually, it was the writers who suffered the consequences of their doing, when EW blocked Kenyans from applying for accounts. EW is still there, so tread carefully.
Two years on, we would like to hear back from essayshark users. Were the lamentations addressed or you just learnt how to live with it?