Are essayshark Petty or just being Strict

There is a saying that the customer is always right. As far as this saying goes, Essayshark.com have taken it to another new level. Caleb, a moderator in our FB group presents a chase that makes us wonder if essayshark are just being petty.


You see, when it comes to accounts being petty, Essayshark leads. Their pettiness is all on another level!

For instance, they can fine you, suspend you or even close your account, if a client mistakenly gives you his number/email, posts his school’s name or his/her name. Forget the fact that the details may not even belong to the client! It's YOUR confidentiality policy violation, by just not telling the client that its wrong doing so…!

Writer chat with essayshark Support Team

.....If a client comes back with any slight complain, and happens to just state that your paper was plagiarised, these guys will hang you by the balls without a second thought! They won’t even do any slight investigation or even check if the paper is actually plagiarized.
You are not even supposed to appeal, complain or try to deny any accusations!

Their support staff are just some brainless dimwits, who doesn't reason on their feet...shitty ideas get shoveled down their throats and they are left with the task of enforcing them on writers, without any counter-reasoning.


Feedback from fellow writers


Am glad you stood for your rights! Thats the spirit!
Where I come from, what you just did is known as "guthinga mwatu na itina."
Wawawa. Punda amechoka. Hivi ndo mtu ako accounts kadhaa huongea???
Hii support ya shark ni ya ujinga sana. I was suspended for sending files through the support team.mind you, they had attachments and as such could not be pasted
This "confidentiality" bullshit is what chased me away from essay shark back in 2015. Twoz my best but I had to let go.
Something I realized about these companies is that no matter how much money you have made for them, you are still worthless. You may have been with them through the hardest of times but when it is time to push you out, they will do just that.
I agree with you man. I lost a 65 pgs order due to their pettiness. I wish the guy I was working for can read your article and note I had done my best. The good thing we agreed and I had to refund hurting amounts. Of importance is that mutura haijawahi fungwa!!!
You put them in their rightful place.They are so free nowadays,looking for the slightest mistake
That was very petty of them. AR tuko sawa..I think watu wa Shark should do what Essaypro guys did. Sahii Essaypro hakuna such level of pettiness.

We look forward to hearing how this case ended. Caleb, if you are out there, a penny for yout thoughts please