Writers, There is more to Life than Money: by Rhino Marx

One of the things I appreciate this industry for is the opportunity to witness the interaction between people, money, success, failure, depression and joy all in one package. I have witnessed honesty and the lack of it at a close range. I have learnt to appreciate the process of life but e


What i learnt from my first Employer

I recall the guy who introduced me to the industry back in the years. A very hardworking guy who for some reason changed his number after refusing to pay my last invoice of ksh 21,000. For six months, he paid all of my invoices other than the last one.
I was surprised to realize that he wrote a POD I posted back in 2020. After several years of running, I had no bad word or grudge. My heart was clear and I was happy to pay that POD. This to me was a guy who knew that there was more to life than money just that he forgot towards the end. I would later learn his behaviour landed him in prison. This is not anything I would wish on such a bright mind. It hurts me ?. Even after keeping my money, I would rather let him be. I would have been happier seeing him here with us. I dont judge him, I know he was a generous and great human being who changed at some point, just like most human beings. There was a time he hosted five guys in his house, all of them upcoming writers. When things exploded for me in Dem days, he offered to host me as the 6th guy. So really I don't judge him. I am sure he was a great guy who wished the best for everyone, it's only that life is full of things.

Give and it shall come back to you, good measure run down and....

And then there is this other longtime friend of mine who made every effort to see me stabilize back in the days. We hooked up one evening after several years of losing touch. It was just a coincidence that the support had processed my payment the previous night. This longtime friend was going through the worst in life, and I was happy to surrender the entire payment to him. I decided to believe that he was still the honest guy I knew back in the years. He promised to pay when he stabilized, a promise that he kept. Some people are constantly honest even when life is not good for them.
And then there was this writer of mine who back in the years showed me that there is more to life than money. I had just come from a rough situation that cleared my savings. The writer had some savings that we started to survive on. He would lend me money and write my orders. We used my account and survived on his savings until we stabilized. That's what partnership with genuine people can do.

Punchline  Never Forget this

As you start this July, go out and look for money but do not forget that kindness, empathy and honesty are your highest currencies. Do not hurt people, you can still make an honest living. Life has its ways of embarrassing cunning people. The reward of wrong doers comes in small bits but their punishment comes in one big and crushing lumpsum. After that lumpsum, its over for you.
And lastly, if you are an established writer, you owe this industry a writer. In muthurwa, an upcoming trader is given clothes to sell and pay at a later date.
It's a tradition that every established trader must baby sit an upcoming trader to financial maturity. It should be your intention to bring up an aspiring writer before leaving the industry. That person who constantly disturbs you for guidance deserves a chance. Don't be their barrier ? this July. You can't make all the money in the industry. Perhaps your dream is to move into your mansion by 2023 (may God grant our wishes), but don't be surprised that in the year when you intended to be in your own house, you could find yourself in a rented single room with a borrowed laptop and working for someone you trained in 2021.
My prayer is that all of our dreams come true, but you can never underestimate the dynamics of life which sum up to a succession of temporary but surprising scenarios, save for cunning human beings that may find the situation conclusively permanent. We all work to rise but the process may flip on you, but good thing is that it shouldn't be your end. You gonna rise again but that may need the assistance of people you once met. When it gets there, and I promise that the chances are always higher than you think, the barriers ? you once put for others now become your own. That's how life comes back ? on cunning human beings.
All deeds might not be returned to you, but the few that are returned more than compensates for the rest. If you were to forget everything else, at least don't forget to be mindful of your deeds because they will be your very judge.