Nerdy Writer Essayshark.com Favorite Son

A lot has happened at Essayshark.com. Most of the progress however has displeased many Kenyan writers. Nerdy Writer is one such problem. Mwene Mutapa, a member of our FB Group shares more about this and he has a weird proposal.


Nerdy Writer: Every writer's headache at Essayshark

The problem at Essayshark should not surprise us. It is falls within the realm of strategic change management theory. The Quality department just discovered that there was a problem managing quality produced by different writers. It decided to contract a single writing company by the name Nerdy Writer to do it for them.

Nerdy Writer is an organized company with experienced writers and quality management team. Essayshark just started implementing the change to maximize its chances of survival. We should expect that when the change is successful, all the writers will be laid off, and all the work will be tackled by the Nerdy Writer company. Therefore, instead of applying for an account at Essayshark, one would rather apply at Nerdy Writer. This is not the time to buy Essayshark!

Dear Writers, do not say I did not warn you!!!


Feedback from Members


The only problem is that you just joined essay shark last year and you now think you are an expert. Very unfortunate
You literally started with a strawman argument of the false-dichotomy, now backtrack to projection.
Poor reasoning....i have seen customers complain about inconsistency of the quality of work produced by Nerdy-writer.
That's not true, I once had 136 orders in progress and could have picked more if I wanted....
i will not quash your thoughts regarding the issue, but i beg to differ sir. I have closely followed the profile of the finished orders that are completed by this nerdy-writer. Yes, this is another kifaranga in shark company. i do not know why the quality assurance department is covering this 'writer'. the nerdy writer has his/their clients completing more than 10 orders daily, but the number of orders in progress are still remaining the same. This leaves any normal person thinking about the auntheticity of the system that this writer/writers are using. However, something certain is that there is a collusion of this writer/writers with the company. but the intention for this are still unknown.

Seems many did not agree with Mwene Mutapa. Let's extend the discussion here


Obunga 4 months ago

The writer is not cooperating with the company at the moment ama kuna nerdy-writer mwingine? https://essayshark.com/writers/nerdy-writer.html