How Do I Land my First Client in my Website BY Joseph Nyambura

Joseph writes - So some of my friends have essay writing websites.
I am not a consultant or so but some of them have asked me to review their websites and give them feedback.

Kiubeshty tu not that I offer this Auditing Services. I have come around 6 this year.
So I noted most of them usually focus on the aesthetics part of these websites.
I do not say the look and feel is not important but they miss to focus on very important features of marketing you should consider next time you hire a developer to build a website for you.


I am a very lazy person lol so I believe in automation. I want robots to work for me while I sleep on the coach and watch movies.
Your website should have automated order pipeline where clients can be able to place order without your help.
This pipeline should be able to redirect clients to the next web pages once they complete one task.
A complete automated order pipeline should have the following:-
1) Relevant and Clear CTA Buttons.
2) Order details submission forms
3) Customer details submission forms
3) At least two payment gateways
4) Ability to generate receipts and Follow up emails/Sales recovery funnel. (The above things are there so I will dwell so much on this since this is where money is and most of them do not have this feature.)
5) Customer Data Collection.
6) Upselling, crosselling and Downselling
So let me share with you the power of follow up and order payment confirmation emails.
a) Payment Confirmation Emails/ Receipts.
Your website should be able to generate these payment confirmation emails once the customer has made payment. 90%+ of customers read these receipts.
This is where you upsell your services to clients. You know essay writing has so many areas.
Let me give you an example:-
If a client has bought an essay, at the bottom of the receipt inform the customers that you do online classes, group discussions etc.
Add a CTA at the end of the receipt to direct them to the services you have upsold.
b) Sales Recovery Funnel / Follow Up emails
Some clients will place the order but they will not complete the payment.
So your order pipeline should be able to generate at least 3 follow up emails at specific intervals.
These are the emails you will use to recover the sale by convincing the customer to buy.
The first email should be like after an hour to remind them that they placed the order but they have not made payment.
The other one should be after like 12 hours to inform them that you still have their order and you have writers on standby to handle their paper.
Then the third email should be like after 24 hours. In this email, you downsell by offering customers a discount.
Your system should be able to cancel the sales recovery funnel when client orders after sending follow up emails.
c) Offers Emails
Your system should be able to send offers regularly to your clients.
You should note the important days in USA calendar eg 4th of July and send offers.
Note the days they go back to school and remind them that you are still offering essay writing services.
Send offers when celebrating anniversary of your company.


I love collecting data so much. This is free money lol
This is important if you are going to run marketing campaign
You should integrate Facebook Pixel and Google Re-targeting Tag.
You will use the data you have collected here to run re-marketing campaigns. These campaigns are cheap asf.
I have special interest in FB PIXEL. I love it so much.
Each person has a digital footprint and there people on fb that have almost similar digital footprints.
So when you collect the data using fb pixel you can automatically expand your remarketing audiece. eg.
If you have made 1000 sales, fb will record the sales from your system then it will automatically generate audience of like 500k people using the digital footprints of those 1k client bought.
These is a warm audience that is likely to buy and you will be re-targeting them at a cheap price.
You can make a lot of money at the backend of your website if it is set up correctly.
If have shared the above findings and things we have done to improve the websites I have audited.
I am not doing this to find clients to hire me to build websites. I do not build writing websites or offer any consultation services,
You can correct me where you find a mistake or any misleading information.
I will answer any questions you may have.
I have so much interest in digital marketing and I do a lot of research in that field.

Do you own a website? Are the conversions working out for you? Would you want to add anything to Joseph's advice? DO not shy away. Let us sharpen one another