Which account can help me mine 200 to 300k a month during this coming high season

In our Online interaction, Tush Mutuma asked an important question. Please recommend an account that can mine 200-300k a month during this coming high season?
The ever-resourceful Mwene Mutapa came with some important points that did the question some Justice

Bro, I will give a humble advise free-of-charge. You asked a wrong question and that is why everyone is finding it difficult giving you the right answer. Isn't your question same as "what is the best penis size that can satisfy a woman?" Your question should have read "what is the strategy of earning 200-300k per month?"
With this focused question, we can now help you.
1. The bottom line is that an account is to a writer what a penis is to a vagina. Forgive my vulgarity bro, but what I mean to imply is that what matters is how you use it your account and penis.
2. You can have a prolific account and earn less than than a person with a dejected account. Haven't you heard donkey once worn a horse race?
3. What matters is strategy.
A. Writer A buys Writerbay at ksh 300, 000 and decides to write every order by himself. He works himself to dead writing at least 10 pages a day at a cpp of 3.5$. He ends up earning just about 70, 000 per month. He has big balls.
B. Writer B buys the same writerbay, employs 7 writers whom he assigns at least 10 pages a day and pays them a cpp of ksh 300 a day. They make him just about 70, 000 per month. He has big balls, too
C. Writer C is an experienced writer but does not own account. He writes for a trusted employer and works himself to dead by crushing at least 10 pages a day at cpp ksh 300. He ends up earning just 70,000 per month. He has big balls too.
D. Writer D buys 3 Qualitywriters account each at 10k (30k in total). He employs 4 writers and takes orders of cpp of at least 5 $ and assigns every writer at least 10 pages at cpp 300ksh. He earns over 150k a month. Like anyone else, he has sizeable balls too.
So who wins?
Conclusion: numbers are not in value of accounts. Numbers are just out there with you! And they don't lie!


Starphanie 11 days ago

Very helpful

Robert Ottawa 16 days ago

Quite insightful!

Alfawriter Kimani 23 days ago

Brother Mwene Mutapa, piga mtu pole pole aki. This is a murder case. Lovely advice there