Time to make some Lemonade from the CBS Exposé

Some two lost souls decided to go to CBS News and do an interview that has painted us as academic cheats. This is not the first neither is it the last time someone is doing this. In this article, I shed some light on the possible consequences of this act. Is our industry on its deathbed? i


Not a first or the Last wave

For those who have been in this industry long enough, you know that this is not the first time we are having a whistle-blower trying to mess us up. This by the way is not the last, others will come simply because we never learn. And some of us do not care whether they send us down the drain with their actions.
From experience, we know this is not the end of our hustle; online writing is going nowhere. As long as there is a need for our service, we will remain relevant.

Is what we do Legal?
Having listened to many young writers talk about what we do, while others react to spiritual wars in their minds, I feel many do not understand why we do what we do. An academic writer is a research assistant. And this is what gave birth to our industry. When a client comes to you with an assignment, you are meant to point him in the right direction. Using your research assistance, the client is thus expected to write his final draft and submit it. If the client decides to hand in the paper as you have given them, then that’s their loss, not yours. That’s why most accounts that writers use ask you to never promise a particular grade to any student. They also say that the service they offer is for research purposes. So, is our trade legal? I leave for you to answer that.
I hope next time you go for that interview, you will at least say it as it is, not saying that you help wazungu pass exams and that you are doing a master’s degree for them while they bask in the sun. That is just a show of your cowardice, not professionalism.

Possible Consequences of the CBS Exposé

From experience, the first result is an influx of orders because there are some students who are now aware that they can get such assistance. For the companies that were mentioned, they expect to get more orders than usual. Someone told me there is nothing like negative advertisement.
Expect more and more Kenyans to apply to join our hustle, even retired teachers. When someone hears that you can earn $2,000 a month, what is there not to like?

Negatives and possible solutions
Google Block
If the story takes a political turn like it did in the UK and Australia a few years ago after the second wave, expect measures that can seriously affect the availability of the service. The need will always be there but it means order mining companies will spend more to get these clients. Companies like google might be forced not to show any searches related to essay help.
The solution for those who have websites is to open blog pages that are related to essay mining then redirect clients to your money site. Think of how you can open an online library that has a high chance of attracting students and you will be sorted.
If you own an account, then you have nothing much to worry about coz it’s not up to you to get the orders to the platform. However, expect the cost of buying the accounts to go up due to increased demand.

Facebook Effect
For long, FB has been unaffected by these waves but do not be surprised when they come after groups like ours and close them without a warning. They can also block particular countries from accessing pages or groups that are related to online academic writing. Like I said, if this takes a political turn.
As a solution, people need to get attached to other platforms that offers a network for writers, not just clinging to Facebook. Websites like the writersadmin that Caleb has been advocating for can really help in terms of order management. For social networking, mywritingtools.com is offering the exact thing we get on this Facebook platform but specific to Kenyan writers in THE WHOLE ONLINE WRITING INDUSTRY. It doesn’t hurt being in such platforms. The same goes for WhatsApp and telegram channels. Do not just be comfortable with one platform.

Whatever the case, always know that the service you offer can never be replaced, not by an AI or anything else. We are here to stay. However, don’t forget, 10 years ago, we were getting orders at $20 a page, today, the same company is paying $6 or even $4 pp. Try and diversify to other areas in online writing – the list is endless. DO NOT JUST STAY IN YOUR COMFORT ZONE. The world is changing, change with it.

Ni hayo tuu kwa sasa