Bishop Nyams is an article writer. He has raised an interesting debate and rekindled a war i thought had ended between article writers and Academic writers. Here is his post. Give your feedback, do you agree with him?

1. Academic writing is doing assignments for students in colleges and universities. These assignments includes term papers, essays, research papers, lab reports, theses and more.
Article writing (a Kenyan street name) is writing content for websites. The content include blog posts, product reviews, product descriptions, sales pages, landing pages, erotica stories, SEO articles, press releases and much. Others call it content writing or copywriting but their is a thin line among the three terms..
2. All papers academic writers draft are read by one person (a professor/academic instructor). Each piece article writers draft is published online and can be read by thousands of people visiting the site.
3. Academic writers call themselves "unemployed professors" but call sisi article writers "wamama wa article writing"
4. Article writers wanafaa kulipa tax because what they are doing is legal. Academic writers pesa yao sisi kama gava hatuitaki.
5. Academic writers drive mostly Subarus. Article writers we drive women crazy.
6. Academic writers lives mostly in Kahawa, and Roysambu, Kasarani. Article writers live in umoja, kayole, pipeline and embakasi. Only one article writers who live in Miami Florida.
7. Academic writing Iko na low season when students break for holiday. Article writing hakuna low season. Websites and blogs need content throughout the year.
8. Article writing opens one's mind. An article writer can write in any niche and learn about anything including SEO, digital marketing, cryptocurrency, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, Artificial Intelligence and much more. Academic writing limit one to generating papers from PDFs and books. For instance, 95 percent of academic writers don't know what a domain is all about.
In simple terms, academic writers husaidia students kuibia mitihani. Sisi article writers we don't.


Alfawriter Kimani 1 year ago

I know it's on a light note. However, i do not know where this rival came from. Why have we always created a wedge between academic and article writers? At the end of the day, it's the client who decides whether to use the paper as research material or a final draft. Do not forget, we still use article writers to optimize our websites.