My Worst Experience Kwa Writing Industry

Paul Nguru has been in this industry for a number of years. Most of us have had a tough introduction to this industry by Paul's into was crazy. Read to see if you can relate or learn one or two things

How it all started

I bought my first account on Jan 7 2014; it was an EW Junior. It was terminated on Jan 31. Three weeks! My love affair with EW was shorter than the time it takes a girl to have her next period. It was still longer than most relationships these days, though. Do you remember when the marriage between Britney Spears and Jason Alexander lasted 3 days?... That time I was in my final semester in KU. EW Junior was going for about 20k. A lot of money for me; in fact, I had borrowed all of it from my bro.
I was a newbie, inexperienced, and kinda naïve. It did not take long for my naivety to show. I gave a friend an order to handle. I submitted the order without even checking for plagiarism. I didn’t even know what grammarly was. When support checked the order it had 80% plagiarism!!! Those who use EW wanajua iyo account sio ya mama ya mtu. They terminated my account without further discussions. Lakini kusema ukweli afadhali kuachwa na dame kuliko kufungiwa account coz at least ukiachwa na dame you can drunk-dial her at 1:00 am on Saturday night to tell her ‘haki unajua venye mimi nakupenda?” for 20 times. Well, anyway, I did not even recoup my investment back, so I was not able to repay my bro his money. After waiting for many months, he ended up writing it off. What are bros for anyway?

Moving on from your first Love

After overcoming the feeling of defeat and the depression ya account kufungwa, I decided to get back into writing again in April by getting an employer, I was done with my final semester in KU by that time. To be sincere, it is very humiliating to write for someone when you previously owned a good account, but what is a boy child to do? By April I was done with my semester in KU. But I did not have a place to stay since I was living in a hostel. Those days KU used to give you hostels up to the fourth year.
So I took my suitcase and went back home in Nyahururu and started writing from home. By the way, it is hard to explain to old folks what it is we do online. My old man used to ask what it is I do almost every week.
My employer was one Solomon Kirimi Mwiti. He used to be a big deal in 2014 and I am certain some of you here came across him. I trusted him fully. Big mistake. I used the cash I earned in April and May to purchase a proper laptop since I was using a desktop previously. Now Solomon Mwiti had an EW Senior account. It is still a big deal. April and May went well, kinda. The freak show began in June. I was expecting to use the money I earned in June to go back to Nairobi and get my own place. The employer would make payments every fortnight, so when he missed the mid-month payment, that should have set off warning bells, sadly it didn’t. He convinced me to go on writing; he would settle the whole amount at the end of the June. Apparently, he was outside of Nairobi prospecting for diamonds in Tsavo (is that a real thing that people do?).
June 27, I take my suitcase and go back to Nairobi and crash at a friend’s hostel in KU. I was expecting Solomon would send the money on June 30, so I could search for a bedsitter and move in by 1st July. The next day after I arrived in Nairobi was a Saturday, so my host Jose Mwangi and I went to Kahawa to look for a bedsitter as we wait for Solomom to send the money. It was Ksh. 42,850. I still have the records and the invoice I sent him. By 12:00 noon,
I knew things were not right because he hadn’t sent the money. And he was not taking my calls. Or returning my messages. We halted the house search. The sinking feeling of defeat started kicking in. By 7:00 pm, nilikua nishaaccept nimeoshwa muosho mmoja na nikang’ara.
Defeated, cold and hungry, and very broke, I went back with my host to KU. I was determined to not go back home. So I pirated with Jose Mwangi for the whole of July and started from square one. July is a terrible month since it the low season of low season. Luckily, I got two very good employers Ben Ogutu and Leonard Njuguna Kibe who supplied me with small jobs for the whole of July (God bless you). By end of July, I had made some 20k, so I got a bedsitter and moved in. I remember the first few days I did not even have a mattress.
Well, it is possible that some of you have had other startling setbacks and even worse depression in this industry. But 2014 stands out for me since I was just starting out. For those who are starting out, or those of who are going through their own freak show, stay strong, it does not last long. Tomorrow, I will chronicle the moment I consider my most triumphant moment. Stay tuned. And stay blessed.
I made many unsuccessful attempts to recover my money from Solomon Kirimi Mwiti including getting help from some CID officers. The guy conned many writers off their hard cash. His EW Senior account was suspended later in 2014. It was then terminated. He then left the industry unceremoniously. He has not found much success after that.