My Finest Hour Kwa Writing Industry by Paul Njuru

Paul Njuru shared his worst moments in this industry. I guess it was only fair for him to tell us am the good times - His finest Moments. Enjoy the read

My turning point came in September 2014. My best friend Julius had gotten some direct clients from a certain Middle Eastern Country (they have nothing but money, according to Donald Trump). One of the clients was in need of someone who could handle an English course for the whole semester and score an A. The only person Julius knew who could do that was none other than yours faithfully. That is how I got my first direct client. I was exhilarated. Finally. The tide had turned.
There are days I have made an incredible amount of money; five-figure amounts. There are days I have used that money to purchase lavish luxuries and stuff. Still, and nevertheless, I don’t really consider those moments my finest. Rather, it is the work I have done for my clients that I consider to be the highlight of my time in the industry.
I worked the whole of that semester on that course and at the end of it scored an A. Come January 2015, my client came back with two other guys, this time, for a history course. At the end of the course, I scored As again. The next semester, the two other guys came with another one of their friend, this time, it was a philosophy course. So, after every semester, I would score an A for my clients and they would come with another client.
My first client did finish school, eventually, and got a good job as an industrial engineer in an oil company (I know because I also wrote his CV, free of charge as an after-sales service). From that one client, I have managed to get a steady number of clients who trust me and whom I trust. None of my clients has ever gone missing with my cash. And I always strive to give them an A... Whether you are a socialite, a lawyer, or a freelancer, the secret to success is serve your customers earnestly and incomparably well. And you will have very happy customers. And happy customers come always come back. And they bring their friends too. On your faces grammar Nazis. I have started not one, but three consecutive sentences with ‘and’. Take me to your grammar jail.
Anyway, for the longest time, I was surviving solely on direct clients. That is until some point last year when I acquired an Uvocorp account. My personal challenge and that of Ndung'u Wa Kamau, the only writer I work with, was to deliver the highest quality orders. The high season is a good time to make money, but it also the time when accounts are most likely to be ruined due to the high volume of orders, and the short deadlines. Throughout the just concluded high season, we applied ourselves diligently. Nilikua nimeshow Ndung'u Wa Kamau nitampeleka Apple Bees if we raise the rating from 78% a to 89%. At the end of the season, we exceeded our target a little. Rating ilipanda hadi 90.5% By the way, Thanks bruh. God will bless you with your own account this year. Needless to say, Money follows excellence, definitely. The visit to Apple Bees will be arranged soonest as a matter of priority.
It wouldn’t be fair to end without offering some advice to newbies. Look, the thing is, none of us was born with a pen and a paper. We all started from somewhere. If you wanna write and you feel you got what it takes, just do it. Writing the first paper is a bit like having sex for the first time. Of course, it’s gonna be messy, disappointing, and you could fall short. But once you are done, you've made an important step. And your skills can only improve after that; there is no way you can get worse than the first time. Otherwise, if you never take the bold step, you might die a virgin and go to heaven where you will join a harem of 72 virgins to be presented to a terrorist.
It wouldn’t also be fair to end without throwing a bone to the old dogs in the industry. I think that almost everyone needs a lucky break. Many successful writers here can identify the exact point when their tide turned. This year, some of you will rise to stunning heights. Others will experience a tremendous breakthrough in their hustle. Inaitwa God’s grace. Do not take it for granted. Cultivate and enrich your favor by working diligently. You may never go down again. Tomorrow, in my third and final segment, I will tie the loose ends by spotlighting the lessons and opportunities I think are available for writers. Stay blessed, always.
After he linked me up with that client, Julius who has been my friend since high school, has continued to prosper, and has reached great heights in writing. In fact, he was the first of my close friends to buy a car. Yes, it is a Subaru.
(From part 1) When I eventually moved to a bedsitter in August 2014, I moved to Ruiru rather than to Kahawa. It turned out to be a blessing. My next-door neighbor was an account owner with an uvocorp account. Incredibly, she did not have much experience with academic writing and was in dire need of an account manager. I rose to the challenge. I managed the account for six months.