Masaibu ya DC Kutoka Marekani by Paul Nguru

Have you ever been Scammed by a DC? or put into perspective, have you been scammed by a white man? Never? really, never? Well Paul was. Here was his experience

Never have I ever been scammed by a DC. That was true until December last year, when a sweet-talking lady from Saudi, of course studying in the US, talked me into working for three months, then left me holding a bill of $900. She just went mute after I had done all the work. So, how can you work for three months without realizing you’ll get conned? Easy. Since 2015, I had been working with a clique of 5 guys who were extremely trustworthy. They never defaulted.

If they said they’ll pay after 2 months, they did that. So, this lady comes after being referred by one of the guys, and I do some work for her. A lot of work really. A Bill totaling to about $1,300. She pays $400 mid-way, then promises to pay the rest after the semester is over. Once the semester is over and she bags her As, she does the most Kenyan thing: changes the password on her portal and just vanishes into thin air. I even try to reach out to the guy who referred her, she goes mute on him too.

I was left with two options. Forfeit the amount: accept and move on nigga. Or I could use the usual threat mechanism that works so effectively. I decided to wait until the end of January to make a decision on what course of action to take. And guess what course of action I took? I decided to forfeit. Even I was surprised by my decision. But I considered after considering all the factors, I decided it was the best course of action. How is that?

Bear in mind, that all the guys I work for are part of the same circle. Now if I threaten her or say I even write to the professor with evidence and the student is expelled or even suspended, they will all know. Many students trust me with their portals, but once word gets around that I caused one of them to be expelled, that is the end of them trusting me. It won’t even matter that I was on the right and she was on the wrong. All they will be thinking is, what if the same happens to me? Can we really trust this guy anymore? Everyone now starts to dread dealing with me, and slowly, my steady stream of clients dries, and its back to square one.

I am glad to report that since I took that decision, my guys have referred a few more clients (see pic). And our happy working relationship is flourishing. However, my new strategy is to demand payment upfront, or if it is an entire course, to have a payment plan that ensures every dime is paid before the final exam. I hope this helps you learn. Have a happy hustling and pray for wisdom, but also learn something.