Should a Writer Invest in Shares or an Education Cover

I am bringing in a debate that I think some of us are thinking about or will think about in a few years. Is it advisable to go for an education cover for your kids, or are there better solutions out there?

In my opinion, education policy is a no go zone for many in our industry.


I will never Invest in an education cover for the Following Reasons

1. Most of these schemes only mature once your kid joins high school. My question is, how will this benefit my child if I didn’t afford a sound primary education?
2. If am supposed to pay for 13 years, that’s 13×12 months of slavery. You aren’t allowed to pay everything at once even if you wanted.
3. Taking APA for example, if I save 618,000/= before my kid joins high school, I will get about 230,000/= each year which is about 930,000/= in total. My investment will have earned an interest of about 300,000/=. Alfa thinks this is a thuggery.
4. We all know what happens in case you want to abandon the policy before maturity.
5. The thing that I don’t buy is the argument that the insurance will secure my child’s education if I am no more. For starters, am not planning to go anywhere and if so, I can prepare them better than what the education policy is purporting to provide.
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Alfa's solution

I always feel that if you haven’t come with a solution, then you are part of the problem. I know three investment schemes in Kenya that have at least secured my kids education. Did someone ask how?
Members in these three schemes have enjoyed dividends of not less than 18% of their share capital in the last three years.
If you decided to invest about 1M shillings three years ago, you would have an interest on investment of not less than 540,000/= by now. Meaning that you can already afford sound primary, secondary and university education for your kids and even afford to take them for December or Easter holidays once in a while. And still have your principle amount intact – I call that a writer’s pension.
For a writer, you can be increasing your investments over the high season or at your convenience. There are no monthly instalments. If you decide to die, the dividends will continue coming through and thus feed your family.
Are you still wondering what choice to make? Stop wondering and start investing. It’s my feeling that even an investment scheme offering 10% dividends on share capital is far much better than the education policies masquerading as the best thing since sliced bread.
Anyway, I always share my thoughts coz in doing so, I learn more and become wiser. Am reminded that the cemetery is the richest place to find ideas, however it’s the most useless place to seek such advice as the authors cannot utter a word. I know we have policy brokers among us. Instead of calling for my head or insulting me and ending up being barred from the group, just counter my argument and who knows, it might be your chance to get a new client.
Positive criticisms are always welcome. Members the simple fact is, if you are not planning, then you are planning to fail. You have to make a choice.
Ni hayo tuu kwa sasa

Here are some feedback from Members



My mum gave me the same advice…I agree with u totally

Dokta Pishmu

An education cover is business to the insurance company, and a raw deal to the parent… They hoodwink you with, “after maturity, we’ll be paying you 50k per year, but you have to pay 5k p.m for the next 14 years….” 5k is 5k now, how much will 50k be after 14 years??
Bra bra bra staki kusikia


Good piece of advice bro. Insurance companies are out there to make money nothing else


Nicely put. Seems I am not the only one that loathes insurance companies after all. Could you please expound on this statement “I know three investment schemes…” Mention at least 2 if you do not mind


How about mutual funds. I heard of one from one of the banks where you invest $1000. The principle attracts some monthly interest. However, in the end you will have 4% interest annually. How about this? wenye experience watuchanue.


Nice. I also guess you left out the negative side of shares. Like as an investor, you can’t control how much you receive in terms of dividend, neither is the percentage constant. Again, there is no collateral from the company you invest with. So if it decides to die… The market keeps fluctuating not forgetting issues of the residual claim.


Whoever thinks having an education policy with this thuggish insurance companies is a good idea is misinformed…….they take your money, invest in real estate (the likes of garden estate and jacaranda springs), make money out of your hard earned labor and then pray very hard for u to default so that they take 75% of your money. Fanya hivi kaka braza, Ingia sacco. Most well-established saccos give between 8-10% annual return on savings. by the time your child is old enough to go to high school, ull have enough to bank roll his or her education, with interest earned from the sacco, and at the same time respectable credit-worthiness to take loans to finance other business ventures…….wachana na insurance kaka braza…….especially hio ya gumbaru. It is a fallacy designed to pull the wool over the eyes of guys stuck in the middle class life….


First, I can’t pose like I can advice most you about investment. Even if I was, I think that should be custom made based on your abilities and other considerations.
But on insurance, I have one specific thing to say. And I will use a medical insurance to demonstrate. If you think in the event you get sick within next one year, and the bill rises anywhere near a million, and you are certain you can’t raise that money, then just take the damn insurance. For education, if you also doubt your life (men who drink and drive, and have kids, this is for you), just also invest in that insurance. In an insurance you are allowed monthly reasonable premiums, you don’t need to have huge capitals. In investment, as Alfa puts it, you need a million plus to secure enough returns for your future kids. Lastly, some of this insurance policies were not designed for us, they are being forced on us. Bye!

Time to hear from you, Would you choose investing over getting a policy?