Always test and optimize what works for you

Here is a very informative write up by Walter Akolo, a guru in the writing field known for his prowess in the Article writing field.

Lessons that can even be applied in any area of your life


Never Stop Trying something New

I had 3 blogs and built content in all, but I pulled two down and remained with 1 which was bringing the most income with least effort.
I put more energy in that one. (I later perfected the art and created more sites.)
I used to transcribe. And was one of the best. Till I realized I am better suited as a writer. I stopped transcribing.
Later, I outsourced or gave out every incoming transcription job to experts who loved transcribing.
Eventually, I totally stopped sourcing for transcription jobs.

Are you getting the point?

I used to rap in high school and wanted to be a rapper. But that made me fail in form 3. So I decided to quit rapping so that I pass exams. I passed form 4 with flying colors.
I dropped out of campus which wasn’t working for me…and later focused on online business which has been a goldmine. (Not telling anyone to drop out of campus, though…only when it makes perfect sense).
Now looking for ways to scale to higher heights in 2021!
…and so on.
Don’t waste time on things that are not building you.
Test a few, and optimize the ones that work best for YOU

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Hi Walter, what’s your recommendation for the best transcripton accounts?


You mean ww na Gidi gidi maji maji mlikuwa na the same goals. Hebu tupatie mistari kidogo, please.