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Types of accounts we are working on

Hatchling Account

This account is for users who want to just have a primary account. Here, you can only update your status, Make friend requests, join and get involved in groups and view what is on the marketplace.

One is also allowed to write a blog which will be published on approval.

Merchant Account

This is a VIP account.

Other than having access to all the rights that a Hatching account, one is able to post and advertise their wares. 

They also have unlimited space to post on our blog.

Also, there is space for the merchant account to open a page with their unique brand name.

Merchant Accounts are for those dealing with the Following Products

Transcription Training
Article Writing Training
Academic Writing Training
Buying an Article

Selling Academic Writing Accounts
Selling Article Writing Accounts
Selling Data Bundle
Selling Computers
Computer Repair

Subscription Fee For Merchant Accounts

Once you pay for your subscription, the Admin will contact you with the activation process

Monthly Subscription

Quarterly Subscription

Yearly Subscription

Kshs. 1,000

Kshs. 3,000

Kshs. 7,000

How to make Payments

There are two ways to pay for your Subscription

Paybill Number –

Account Number – Put the Product you’re selling

Direct Deposit – Equity Bank

Account Number – 1180163544291

If in urgency, once you pay, you can forward the transaction Text to us either on WhatsApp or by normal text to +254723636837

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Do not hesitate to start a chat with us in case you need any assistance.
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