Investments in Kenya

Piece by Gatimu (fb group member)

I do not know whether this is a response to AlfaWriter Kimani or a post on its own. Disclaimer it is long and follows the same format as previous post.

To begin with I am a veteran by all measures discussed here and has been industry since 2010. A lot has changed, from CPP to Number of writers, Information and bargaining power of both suppliers (Companies) and Buyers (Writers). The sellers, Account owners have to be innovative as CPP to writers is rising against diminishing CPP from Account Issuing companies. Nevertheless, this is my take.

The Case of the Newbies

The industry is lucrative, but to the only person who can sacrifice and has a zeal to learn. The longer you stay under someone’s fold the better. For those who can work from offices, this is the best learning environment for a Newbie. You do not only learn about types of accounts, but also what is the ideal time to BID, or to take an order, learn about simple things like automatic reload every, etc. So learn, learn learn…. Learn. To make it big, I would personally propose a period of 4-12 months under the umbrella of a credible, all season, proper flow of work employer (Veterans know what I mean by all season, proper flow). Need not mention more as the rest Alfa has already mentioned

On investment

Everyone can choose his path to invest but a diversification strategy can be ideal. Before I give my opinion, my first employer told me, “An employer is NOT your friend, he can sack you any time, so whatever little he gives you, invest!” The best diversification is both online and offline. My personal path has been three dimensional, Online, Offline and Mental. Online, Alfa has already given a perfect approach, the company where you have DCs… As most keep on fighting whether a site is paying via Mpesa or not, others are taking their companies to greater levels. I leave that issue at that point…. Offline can be done in different ways, depending on your level of income. If what you can save in a season is 100K, seek for a place to invest it… A 100K can go to treasury bills, or to a ka land somewhere far in the interior, chances are that this ka plot can grow to 200K faster than a Sh. 10M plot can double to 20M (Rate of return Brothers and sisters)

Investments in Kenya
Mental investment, this can come in handy when you retire, everyone including business people retire, you may not have the vigor to proceed in writing past 40 years especially if you did not plan well. Advance your skills, both technical and none technical; learn that extra s/ware, enroll for that MSC/MA, PhD etc (Choose your desired path)… With a three-faced investment, your future is secure.
Finally, have less show offs,
The rest, I just agree with Alfa

Some selected feedback on this write up


Wisdom will kill you! Class act. Nashukuru for this


So insightful, I would personally want to know what is the right time to bid, I am finding it hard because my new account is a bidding account different from my take account, its been 2wks and i cant even get a one page for $0 soo frustrating, thanks.


Great i’ll surely try the reload thing


I believe, each account has its Ideal BID time… so the best nikutafuta mtu ako na a similar account… what account is it?
Do not keep information to yourself, share on this matter.

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