How to become a good account manager

Are you an account manager? Here is an informative piece by Alfawriter

A good shepherd knows all his flock. In the same veil, good manager not only understands his writers, but knows their strengths and weaknesses. As a manager, strive to fully utilize the strengths of your employees. If the writer is inconsistent in his work, please note that you are part of the problem.

There are few people out there who can work on any subject; its upon you to know what your writer is good at, despite the fact that some will tell you that they can do anything (sometimes the need for that extra coin cloud their judgement).

Always protect your Writers

Boss, your writer does not need to know every insult the client diarrhead in regards to a canceled order. Sometimes you take the loss and move on. I always say, If you have not come with a solution, then you are part of the problem. If what you might share with your writer will have a negative effect on either his self esteem or work delivery, then he/she does not need to hear it.

Writing is a Marathon, not a sprint: Take a rest

That said, it’s that time of the season that I request writers to listen to their bodies. Burnout is around the corner. Your joints will ache, you can barely sit for 2 hours, your eyes are red like that caretaker of yours who takes second generation liquor, you easily quarrel with almost everyone. The fact is, you are fatigued.

You don’t need a doctor to tell you that it’s time to take a rest. Take the weekend off, learn how to swim, take the family out and see you on Monday.

The End of the Matter

Failure to do that, your account will suffer, your writers will suffer and your pocket even more. Enough said

Ni hayo tuu kwa sasa

Selected Feedback on the Narrative


Good piece, it pays to treat people you work with well and show them respect.


True i spare 3 minutes to jump the rope and do the tummy trimmer thing


good piece!
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