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This post was done by Alfawriter back in 2017. Change is the only constant

The Current Situation

There is a writer by the name Nerdy Writer who has over 190 orders in progress. Some writers are complaining coz they themselves have not had an order for a week. The concern is understandable but there is something some of you are forgetting

1. Shark has been buying off small writing companies and there is a chance that part of the agreement was the owner gets some orders for himself and his writers. I think i saw the same when they bought off pensters.
2. Being an individual account, shark know that there is no way one person can work on 190 orders at the same time – This is not rocket science
Essayshark Writing Company

The Dilemma

Kenyans think that by posting dummy orders and calling out Nerdy writer, the situation will change. The only thing that will happen is either they ignore you, or make it impossible for you guys to see the orders in progress for other writers.
When you start showing shark that you know all their affiliate sites, you will be poking a devil. Take this example. I have a number of sites and I monitor them day and night. When i see one IP opening all my sites, am not only alarmed but I block that IP with immediate effect coz i realize such an individual is an enemy to my estate. This game of attracting clients is no monkey business and anyone threatening to interfere with the process will be ruthlessly dealt with. There is always a limit to everything and what you guys are doing is overstepping that limit.
We were among the first to own those shark accounts and i remember when we were less than 100 members. I am no longer with shark but i have a testimony of how it can change the life of a serious writer, I even have my own shark now. Do not spoil it for everyone. High season ikifika, there will be enough for everyone. What you guys are doing is trying to challenge a beast. When you rattle a snake…..
Ni hayo tuu kwa sasa
Filtered feedback


I like your clarity and wisdom…. Big-ups


Why is it hard for guys to figure that Nerdy is an affiliate site for essayshark..Just like Mentors in Uvo..????.


That’s the best counsel you have offered for these guys, i own shark infact 2 of them, moja iko na kazi and those guys know i have a team of writers, nachukua jobs hadi 50 a week, low season yet ile ingine hakuna job, so its either your committment,quality, or kujuana as someone put it. Again, writershub the company (emilly Green) wrote akinisho i decide my own cpp for all chemistry and physics projects, coz of the record i kept in those subjects, and i tell u kazi ni mob mpka napigiwa simu kila time, so Alfa Kimani Thuo let these guys work smart.


Pale acemyhomework there was something close to what is happening with shark… Saai wana ace tumejua hatujui…


i have a habit of exploring top writers in essayshark when i am idle…and nerdy was among the accounts i would explore including others like Blazzie, FunWriter, Tungawakanisa, among many others..few months ago Nerdy writer was playing in the same league like other writers, until recent…..if it is in effect as you indicate, it would be a new account with opening of late 2016 or early 2017…..with over 12,000 order completed so far, it appears like some oligopolies are emerging in shark..Kincheloe100 was the one leading in number of orders done in shark, until nerdy happened..hehe

Koby Crixus

This accept and move on shit is what is leading people into modern day slavery and killing democracy. It’s not a crime to fight for justice, and complaining doesn’t mean you do not want to cooperate. Employers should be made aware of any grievances, whatever they may be.

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